Issue #10

USA $20

Overseas $25


Featured in this issue:

Fakir in Witches Cradle

In-depth feature on SENSORY DEPRIVATION: DOOR TO THE UNSEEN, Fakir's first out-of-body experience "Against the Coal Bin Wall", famous Seabrook sensory deprivation experiments with "Justine Dervish Dangling" and "Justine in the Mask" (including Fakir's photo recreation on these experiments with a beautiful San Francisco woman, Stanya).

WORSHIP THROUGH THE BODY, an insightful exploration of this phenomena in three cultures - Savite Hindu, Native American and Sufi, many photos of "body worship" devotees in several cultures.
Cricket takes 70 stitches

"Foot Bending Catches On" (ideal arched/arching of metatarsals)
"Ula Tightens Her Backbend" (training of professional controtionist)
"Kasey's Klaws Get Even Longer" (new photos of extreme toenails and fingernails)

SEVENTY STITCHES, The unusual piercing experience of Cricket who had a symbolic pattern created on her back by making 70 temporary piercings and then threading a long, looping monofilament through them. These "Seventy Stitches" were left in the piercings for several days. Piercing and threading by Erik Dakota with assistance by Fakir's partner, Carla.