Issue #12

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Featured in this issue:

Geof W.

PENANG PIERCING FESTIVAL: PART 2, Fakir's personal experience observing "awakening centers in the body" and "spontaneous trancing" at the 1995 Penang Thaipusam Festival -- plus the contemporary equivilants among Modern Primitives in California (includes Geof W.'s account of trancing while in a Spear Kavadi).

MIDORI: FASHION FETISH DIVA, beautiful photo feature and personal profile of this enchanting Eurasian fashion fetishist in body-length corsets and exotic costumes.

Slavegirl Dina MARIA IN CUPS; rare photo feature of a genetic girl pumping and clamping her lactating "Barbie Doll" breasts.

THE BRANDING OF SLAVEGIRL DINA, a true-life story (with sequential photos) of a Master/Slave couple who enact their fantasy of a permanent mark with "The Kiss of Fire".

Well-Turned Ankles WELL-TURNED ANKLES, photo feature the on use of "foot benders" to train feet for the wearing of ultra high heel shoes.