Issue #13

USA $20

Overseas $25


Featured in this issue:

Sunny Cover

SUSPENSIONS & TENSIONS, a broad historical overview on the traditions and practices of body suspension and tethering in several different cultures -- plus photo features on contemporary human puppetry, hook pulling rituals and suspensions both as private experiences and performance art.

REMARKABLE WOMEN, photo features and profiles of IDEXA (full-body geometric tattoos), ERICA SKADSEN (large ear loops in the style of South Eastern Asian tribal peoples) and SUNNY COVER (step-by-step photos and story of her expanding "iron corset" midriff tattoo during pregancy).

Preparing the Puppets Issue also includes a front cover photo of Sharon Nickle as the "White Bird" with feathered clothes pins wickedly clamped on her fingers, arms, back and breasts, AND, a back cover photo of Alan Falkner suspended face down by flesh hooks as narrated inside the issue in the article "Suspensions & Tensions: Alan Falkner Rides the Wind"