Issue #15

USA $20

Overseas $25



Featured in this issue:

THE JOY OF HAIR & HAIRLESSNESS, photo stories and profiles of two unusual women -- one with ankle length hair, the other whose head has been shaved bald most of her life.

WASP PART IV: PSYCHOLOGY OF TIGHTLACING, in-depth look at why some people adopt this practice, case histories of Fashion Lacers and Inveterate Lacers who've achieved incredible small waists, with many photos.

LONDON WITCHDOKTOR DOES NATIVE AMERICAN SUN DANCE, personal story of Phillip Sims who has befriended Lakota peoples at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and did the traditional Native American Sun Dance with 120 of them in 1996, a tranformative experience.

BECKY'S BREAST CUTTINGS, deep and severe cutting and recutting experience of a young woman who found reclaiming in this intense body modification.

Profile of BEAR, SHAMANIC BODY PIERCER of Austin Texas (cover).