Issue #16

USA $20

Overseas $25


Featured in this issue:

DUSTIN'S SPLIT TONGUE, photo feature about a beautiful, twenty-year old body modifier and body piercer who forked her tongue by non- surgical means.

Stelarc the Cyberman STELARC & FAKIR FACE-OFF IN LISBON, report on the meeting of two contemporary body play pioneers at the Festival Atlantico in May 1997 -- Fakir who represents the shamanic approach of "Modern Primitives" and Stelarc who feels the body is obsolete and needs to be replaced bit-by-bit with electronic and mechanical parts.

SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS, amazing true life account of a woman in Austin Texas who experienced a spiritual suspension by flesh hooks conducted by shaman body piercer Bear.
Shaman Bear hangs Beth

CAT SCANS of a 14" WAIST never before seen placement of internal organs inside the torso world smallest waisted woman Cathy J Queen Hearts.

MUD PEOPLE, photo report on the joys and release to the primal self by Fakir's California group of queer modern primitives.