Golden Apollo 1962


Nineteen Inches 1959


Chained 1978


Witches Cradle


If you've ever seen my photographs in "Modern Primitives", "Body Play" magazine or on television programs, you must get a copy of this new coffee table art book. After 50 years photographing my own body play and the play of others, here is a deluxe retrospective collection of amazing images you'll find nowhere else... 296 oversize pages, three pounds worth! This book is a "must have" for all serious body modifiers, tattoo and piercing studios. A collectors item.

Spirit + Flesh is now only available online, at my workshops and a few specialty outlets. Online and event copies are signed by me personally to you or a friend. Spirit + Flesh graphically illustrates a broad spectrum of physical experiences: bondage, sensory deprivation, tattooing, piercing, fetishes, body rituals and modifications from 1948 to 2002. Introductory text was written by my friend Mark Thompson, author of Leatherfolk and similar esoteric works. This book is not readily available any longer through regular book sources. Supplies are limited. Fakir is now the primary distributor.


Original singed and numbered, limited edition Fakir photo prints are now available through Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles and Fakir. Ideal art decor for the walls of any collector, body piercing or tattoo studio. Any of the images in Spirit + Flesh, plus several hundred more, are either in stock or can be ordered at Fahey/Klein. Call the gallery at the number below. or if you are visiting L.A., you can stop by the gallery and ask to see some Fakir prints.

Visit Fahey/Klein Gallery, 148 No. La Brea (near Beverley), Los Angeles 10am-6pm, Tuesday/Saturday or drive your computer to for a look at Fakir's photo art.

Grips 1993


Nawa Shibari 1998


Dominance 1994


Le Grande Dame 2001


The full title of this marvelous new book is: "A Brief History of the Evolution of Body Adornment in Western Culture: Ancient Origins and Today". But don't let the long title fool you. Even though this book, by my friend and compatriot body modifier Blake Perlingieri, is long on research and arcane historical information it is a treasure trove of rare and unusual photographs. Included are photos of some of the earliest modifiers in Western Culture: Ethel Granger and the Great Omi.

Also a long section on, blush, Fakir with a brief history of the beginnings of contemporary body piercing in Western Culture. About half of book is filled with photos and histories of world peoples, piercings and jewelry from Mesoamerica to Europe to Oceania to China to Nepal.

Blake's Body Adornment is a collector's oversize coffee table book printed in color on heavy paper... 146 pages with hundreds of photos. Contains scores of color photos of ancient and traditional jewelry now housed in the Nomad Museum in Bend, Oregon. Again, a "must have" for any serious body modifier, tattoo or piercing studio. Order from us today by PayPal.



Everything but the searchlights! Yes, the gala opening of Fakir's exhibit at the Fahey/Klein Gallery was quite an event. About 1500 fans, friends, patrons, collectors and critics passed through the galley in less than three hours. A number of models in Fakir's photos were present: Kira Veritas, Fetish Diva Midori, Stanya Kahn plus writer Mark Thompson. The exhibit had an enthusiastic reception and was shown jointly with another by Greg Gorman in the adjoining gallery. Both exhibits were X rated! Below are some pix taken at the event by Linda Hughes.


Fakir, David Fahey and model Stanya

Midori, Fakir, Cleo, artist Olivia and her partner Joel

Fakir, actor Udo Kier, friends & performance artist Ron Athey

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