Ecstatic Body Rites With Energy Pull

Ever wonder how far a body ritual can take you? Join your friends and other seekers for a day of intense exploration at our next Spirit + Flesh Workshop. Fakir and Cléo will take you on memorable journey that includes background information, preparatory exercises and a prolonged ecstatic "energy pull" /"dance" similar to the ones pictured below. Check our web sites for dates of a workshop in your area:

Fakir Musafar, http://www.bodyplay.com
Cléo Dubois, http://www.sm-arts.com

If you already plan to attend or are registered for one of our up coming workshops, scroll to the information below the photos for more details on workshop participation.

Hope to see you soon in ecstatic bliss,

Fakir & Cléo




Dear Explorer,

Congratulations on accepting our invitation to explore your ecstatic space. Here are few things you might like to know to make the most of your experience.

The energy pull ritual is not about pain or stoicism but rather a way, by gradually increasing tension on piercings, to shift your energy towards an altered state. It is also a wonderful tool to share energy with others. You connect intimately with friends, lovers and even strangers pulling on your cords, tuning in to each other, experiencing group energy in a "tribal" ceremonial ring.

During the first part of the program Fakir will explain a few things about travel to inner space and unseen worlds. You will see where this kind of spiritual body practice comes from, how we as leatherfolk and serious ritualists have adapted these ancient practices to our contemporary spiritual explorations.

You will receive two piercings in the upper chest area. The piercings are extremely fast. They are done shamanically with very sharp 12 gauge body piercing needles. We use rhythmic breathing for pain control (as in yoga and Eastern medicine). As you let out a deep exhale, we synchronize the piercing with your chi energy. You are likely to get an instant "high" from this focused input. Post ritual marking is minimal if at all, but it can happen depending on your skin. There maybe some light scarring from the hooks for pale skin folks. Bleeding is uncommon. The hooks we use are much lower pitch than play needles when they are under tension. We think of them as "sweet". If you add a cheek spear to tie your face to your body, so to speak, it can add a wonderful new dimension to the experience! Some cheek spears will be available.

Specially trained professional body piercers (including Fakir) will be piercing you. At the conclusion of the ritual they will also remove your hooks and cheek spears. All this will done to strict and exacting medical standards with sterile packaged hooks and supplies. Participants will be asked to sign a liability release indicating an understanding of risks. We ask that piercees tell us in advance about any medical condition that may put them at risk. For example: heart or heart valve anomaly, diabetes, respiratory, immune or blood-borne condition. Piercers may advise against or deny participation in certain risk situations.

Cléo Has this to Say About the Ritual

I have done this ritual five times now. Every time it has been a different journey. The whole exploration for me is about altered states, a heightened state, energy, fire (yes it can be really hot) and visions. Most especially if I am pulling alone against a stationary object with my eyes closed. Any awareness of spectators quickly disappears. It is a personal dance of ecstatic fire, bright or soft.

My last hook dance was first like ringing my heart from its grief. During the second stage it was a very sexy big energy exchange with my puller lover. The third phase was fun and releasing as I pulled in a big circle with other dancers. At the end I was laughing and very high in this pool of energy and fantastic live drumming.


Eat a real good breakfast/brunch before attending, protein and carbs. We hope to have have some powerbars and fruits available during the seminar as well as water. We do not know for sure, so please ask me in advance in case you should provide your own.


Wear something comfortable for the seminar. For the ceremony you will need to be bare chested (women may wear a bra or open top swimsuit or leather bra if they choose to). Kilts, skirts, sarongs, ceremonial pants and leather pants all are appropriate for the lower body for all dancers.


You may invite a couple of friends to witness, share the energy and/or pull on your hooks. Check in advance when they should arrive and participate. Ask them to bring rattles to support the group energy.

Body workers and energy workers:

If you know anyone who is a bodyworker or energy worker, please invite them to come to the ritual to soothe anxiety, help hold the ritual space and keep the energy safe and clean for everyone. Of course, if they are also good at neck and shoulder rub, that will be greatly appreciated!

For Preparatory Exercise:

Bring a couple of floggers for a group exercise to raise energy prior to body piercing. We may have a few floggers to loan, but if possible, bring your own.

Be Aware:

After the ritual, you will NEED to ground before you re enter the outside world. After the workshop will we will not be able to provide proper sharing time and a long closure for the ritual. Think of what you need after an intense scene. You will be high, you may crash. Have a friend help you. Please have that support available to you that evening and next day. Emotions can be overwhelming and process is important. If you have to do your own aftercare, please allow for that time for yourself. Be gentle.


If you want to share your experience with others, post ritual, please email your feedback to cleoandfakir@yahoo.com and will share the postings with the group. If you do so please specify if you want your first name only posted, your name and email address or no signature at all.

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